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Air Charters

We offer all types of air travel ranging from executive travel to bush air shuttles. Cruises Aviations & Tourism air charters focus on identifying an aircraft that suits your need and focus on individual private aircraft & itineraries and affordable air taxi for other tour companies, freight forwarders, relief & humanitarian organisations.

Private Air Charters

Cruises Aviation & Tourism offers helicopter, private jet as well as a huge range of small specialist aircraft, to a variety of clients.
Our private air charter services include:
Air Taxi: Cost efficient short-haul charters
Private Jet: Private charters for both business and leisure.
Helicopters: The flexibility of point to point travel.

Cargo Air Charters

Humanitarian and Relief: Get aid to those who need it i.e. Somalia, South Sudan, DRC
Remote Destinations: Charters to difficult to reach regions i.e. camp supplies, consumer goods, industrial materials
Urgent “GO NOW’: Time critical charters. For consignments with are too time critical i.e. medical equipment and suplies, oil & gas equipment, relief goods.